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    SpaceX had another successful launch on Thursday night, despite some tough conditions.

    Its Falcon 9 launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, where a trio of spacecraft, including a moon lander, came along for the ride.

    Lift off took place at 8:45 p.m. ET, at the beginning of the 32-minute launch window.


    — SpaceX (@SpaceX) February 22, 2019

    Bad weather threatened the recovery of the first-stage booster, but after 8-and-a-half minutes following launch, the booster successfully landed on the Of Course I Still Love You droneship stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. Read more...

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    YouTube is in crisis mode yet again.

    On Wednesday night, the online video giant announced it had banned more than 400 channels and disabled comments on tens of millions of videos following a growing YouTube controversy concerning child exploitation. However, many major brands, like Disney, AT&T, Nestle, and Fortnite are jumping ship an halting all YouTube advertising in its wake.

    Over the weekend, a YouTube video highlighting child predators’ rampant use of the platform had gone viral. YouTuber Matt Watson posted the video walking users through how a simple YouTube search can easily uncover “soft” pedophilia rings on the video service. Read more...

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    Apple's autonomous car program is as secretive as ever. 

    Compare the seven-page safety report Apple submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this week to the 43-page color explosion from Waymo, the self-driving car startup from Google parent company Alphabet. 

    Apple's first page.

    Apple's first page.

    Image: apple / nhtsa / screengrab

    Waymo's first page.

    Waymo's first page.

    Image: Waymo

    Both talk about each companies' safety practices and guiding principles when it comes to self-driving vehicles, but only one (guess which one) keeps it brief and vague. Other companies like Ford, GM's Cruise, and Nuro also share additional details and include charts, vehicle pictures, and images of — wait for it — people.  Read more...

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    Samsung's new Galaxy S10 series is the company's third lineup of flagship phones to come with Bixby built-in. 

    But the phones will be the first to let you actually changewhat that Bixby button does, addressing what has long been one of Samsung's most frustrating features.

    The company confirmed the change in a blog post, noting that the S10 will be the first of Samsung's phones to have "Bixby Key Customization," which lets users change their Bixby settings so that pressing the Bixby button once or twice will launch a third-party app of their choice. Samsung also said it would extend the feature to its earlier phones with Bixby, including the S8, S9, and Note9, in a future software update. Read more...

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    Although not entirely unexpected, Netflix's cancellation of Marvel's The Punisher and Jessica Jones has struck some nerves.

    Particularly not pleased about The Punisher being cut was Eminem, who wrote a caps-only tweet admonishing the streaming giant for its decision.

    Although, credit to Eminem, he was still polite enough to end his tweet with a "sincerely."




    — Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) February 21, 2019

    Eminem's tweet prompted a response from some of The Punisher's cast, like Amber Rose Revah, who played Dinah Madani in the series. Read more...

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