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  1. Pixel 3a at Google IO? (TWiT Bits)

    Google could be bringing its hardware back to Google IO with the news that it plans to announce a new phone on the same day as the keynote.

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  2. A Fold in the Road (All About Android #417)

    • Samsung Galaxy Fold's release gets postponed
    • Google teases the release of the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL
    • OnePlus 7 event is announced and details are leaking
    • Google is giving Android users in the EU a choice of browsers and search apps
    • BlackBerry Messenger is reaching its end of life
    • Google, YouTube, and Amazon end their years-long spat
    • The company that created the YotaPhone is going bankrupt
    • Gesture support in Android Q continues to get tweaked

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  3. DNSpionage (Security Now #711)

    Top Security Stories this Week:
    • Google uses its "SensorVault" to help catch the bad guys.
    • Time to update Drupal again.
    • Facebook steals users' email contact lists, logs plaintext Instagram passwords
    • Russia moves closer to adopting "Internet Master Cutoff Switch" legislation.
    • A reminder that "USB Killers" are a real thing.
    • Marcus Hutchins' plea deal
    • A new(ish) actively exploited Windows 0-day
    • A bunch of Microsoft Edge news
    • Windows 7 end-of-life notices
    • Something from the "I did say this was bound to happen" department
    • Detailed threat research from Cisco's Talos group about the leveraging of DNS epionage.

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  4. One Billion Dollars! (MacBreak Weekly #658)

    Top Stories This Week:
    • Samsung Delays Galaxy Fold Launch
    • Teenager Sues Apple for $1B Over Face Recognition
    • Apple vs Qualcomm: What the Heck Happened?
    • Apple WWDC 2019 Preview
    • Luminary's $100 Million Podcast Network
    • BBEdit Finally Available in the Mac App Store!
    • Apple Will Require App Notarization Soon
    • Apple's Daisy Robot Disassembles 200 iPhones/hour
    • Apple Developing LIDAR for Self-Driving Cars
    • Powerbeats Pro Pass FCC Approval

    Picks of the Week:
    • Special guest Rich Siegel's Pick: Flashforge Guider 2
    • Lory's Pick: Kerf wooden case
    • Rene's Pick: Procreate with Text
    • Andy's Pick: 2008 MacBook 4

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  5. Gifts for Moms Who Love iOS (TWiT Bits)

    Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone discuss fake Apple Watch bands on Amazon, the new papaya coloured Apple Watch sport loop from Apple, cloud storage from Google and iCloud, backup subscriptions from Carbonite and Backblaze and other great gifts for your mom who loves her iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

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